Q1: Does it come with everything I need to install once out of the box? Including the hot and cold supply lines? 

A1: Yes, it includes hot and cold suply lines, a deck plate, two 3/8 to 1/2 adapters, stand-by washers and handle key. Save your bucks to hire a plumber, just need an adjustable wrench to do the installation. Usually customers do the installation within 20 minutes. Supur easy!

Q2: Is the plate necessary when installing the faucet?

A2: No, the plate is to cover needless holes on the sink. You can install the faucet without the plate if the sink is single hole.

Q3: Does anyone have trouble with the pull down sprayer hanging down slightly when not in use rather than staying connected to the home part?

A3: Never. It is the weight ball supporting the retract function, a lot depends on if you mounted the weight properly.

Q4: The flow is slower than before, what can I do to fix it?

A4: Do you clean the mesh washer in black hose connector regularly? You can unscrew the sprayer head, find the mesh washer inside the black hose connector, remove it and open big water to flush any dirty things inside.

Q5: Can we exchange the hot and cold supply lines of the faucet, so that we can get cold to the user and the hot to the backward when installing that sink faucet handle on the right?

A5: Yes, you can exchange the lines, which is no damage to the faucet.

Q6: I have a small hole 1 1/16 inches, can the pull-out faucet be installed to the hole?

A6: Sorry maybe not. It fits any "standard" sink hole, the range of the sink faucet hole size is 1.26-1.49 inches.